Final Audio Design E3000

The E series was developed with the concept of achieving all of the following: high sound quality, simple design, ease of use and affordable price. With this, we aimed for a product series where the products chosen would undoubtedly be referred to as standards for years to come.

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When using the general method of sound creation where certain high notes are emphasized, you’re given to feel vivid sound when you first listen, but because of this, other ranges are masked and hard to hear. With the E series, making the arc of the frequency response smooth overall ensured that no bands were masked, and we achieved high resolution and clear sound quality. With these products, we’ve aimed at natural sound quality for a “standard” whose value you feel the more you use them over time rather than just in their appeal when you first listen to them.

Features of the E series

- Sound creation based on acoustic engineering and psychology
- Unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism; sound is transmitted directly to the eardrum to achieve clear sound
- The 6.4mm diameter dynamic driver unit boasts an extraordinarily high level of precision for this price range
-  Fitting of a device for the mature listener, this is a design that has a simple shape and a high-quality texture matched with what could be termed classic sound quality
-  Comes with ear hooks to alleviate cable touch noise
-  Employs an original cable that bends flexibly when using ear hooks

Dane techniczne

Parametr Wartość
Nazwa produktu : E3000
Obudowa: Stal nierdzewna
Typ: Dokanałowe
6.4 mm φ przetwornik dynamiczny
Czułość: 100db/mW
Impedancja: 16 Ω
Dł. przewodu : 1.2 m
Waga: 14 g

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