The Music Mat - Mata gramofonowa

Mata gramofonowa firmy The Cartridge Man.

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To gain the maximum amount of information from a gramophone record and to present that information as realistically as possible must be the main aim of anyone involved in the design of analogue front end equipment such as turntables, arms and cartridges...

...This statement may be self-evident, but it doesn’t mean to say that such a goal is always achieved; most times, sadly, there is a big gap between what could be achieved and what actually is achieved. It is true to say, therefore, that most of the front ends out there can be improved, and this is what the Music Mat is designed to do.

The Music Mat is made from a polymer which has a very low surface tension. The underside feels sticky to the touch, so that when placed directly on to a clean turntable the mat “welds” itself to the platter surface, creating a bond of great integrity and rendering the platter inert. The top side of the mat is sealed to prevent adherence to the record, while leaving a support which is both compliant and inert. 

The benefits of this system are obvious. Rather like the Isolator, the mat acts as a filter, adding another layer of isolation from the mechanics of the turntable, whilst providing the record with a stable and neutral environment.

The result is more information, more music.

Welcome to the Music Mat.