The AgSat90 audio intercionnect cable is the silver wired version of our 1 metre CuSat50, made from the finest cellular "air spaced" 75 Ohm coaxial cable stock.
  • AgSat90 RCA-RCA

790 pln* * 1m

* 1m

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In addition to the high-conductivity high purity annealed copper signal conductor, there's a parallel 99.99% pure annealed silver conductor. The AgSat90 features the same 100% coverage shield of overlapping copper tape covered by a high density copper braid.

The high conductivity shield is required to minimise ground potentials between equipment for the lowest noise.

The AgSat90 is slightly higher capacitance at 90pF, but sufficiently low to assist with source equipment high frequency stability.

Directionality is influenced by the cable insulation extrusion process, and usage in one direction will give results different to use in the opposite direction. The "wrong" direction gives an undefined sound-stage as if there were loudspeaker phasing issues, whereas the "right" direction gives the correct focus. We do listening tests on every reel of stock cable and mark the best direction to take away the guesswork.

AgSat90 audio interconnect cables are hand made by us in the UK to exacting standards and are jacketed either in stereo pairs or as separate dual mono pairs using high quality connectors.

Basic specification is similar to the CuSat50


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